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Hiya, it’s nice to meet you! 

Currently working at Ayzenberg. 

**Downloadable Resume here!**

Now onto the good stuff -  

me in 6 words

Short gal livin’ a tall tale.

me in 20 words

I’m 4’11”, statistically 31% less of a person than Shaq. I make up for it with 69% more Beatles trivia.

me in 100 words

I like taking life in a serious all-or-nothing way. Ironically, all my best life lessons came from not-so-serious places.

Grandma Flores' chocolate cake taught me how to create great work- constantly improving, & filled with love. Brinca Brincas (Bouncy houses) in the backyard on regular ol’ Wednesdays instilled the drive to make every day great. Hugging everyone goodbye at the family parties showed that everybody deserves respect and a little bit of love.

If you're gonna live grand you've got to show a lot of passion - to your work, your days and the people in your life.

me in (~200) words

What my kindergarten-age self lacked in brains, I made up for with tons of passion. Here’s the thing, I loved animals. Like a cry-in-class-while-learning-about-poachers kind of love. And the other major thing. Somewhere, I missed the boat when learning that actual clucking chickens and the ones that come in nuggets were a before-and-after situation. So, when the boy across the table called me a "liar, liar pants on fire" for munching down on dino nugget Tuesday while calling myself an animal lover, I had to make a choice.

Either I’m all in or all out.

And that's the way of life I’ve continued on way past kindergarten.

I’ve always pursued my dreams without hesitation (which sounds corny as heck, but trust me, no BS here). Sitting in my dorm on the first night of college, something felt off. So, I did what all anxious kids do & googled till 4AM. I stumbled upon Texas Creative and something clicked. It didn't matter that it was a highly competitive program, at a highly competitive school. I was going. So, I did.

This February, my vegetarianism turned 19. And mid-pandemic I graduated with a margarita in hand as an honorary Texas Creative copywriter.  If I ever pursued anything less than 100%, my little nugget of life wouldn't be anywhere quite as grand.