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The wonders of the world are only a bus ride away. Greyhound is the sole chauffeur that can take you on a journey to globe-trot the hidden gems in our country.

AD: Maya Iwata 
CW: Cailyn Wesstrom

Print, User Experience, App Redesign


User Experience
A large challenge that Greyhound faces is a negative public perception. In order to improve this, we wanted to focus on the bus ride itself. 

First, there will be Guidebooks on America’s smalltowns available in every seat pocket. It will contain fun trivia games and segments, such as learning the local lingo, and pointing out interesting landmarks.

Next, our bus drivers will go through training for skills that make up an excellent tour guide, such as hospitality, improvisation and knowledge on the locations they drive through.

App Redesign
In order to connect to the WiFi, passengers will answer a simple icebreaker question in their Greyhound App. 

Once inputted, passengers will be able to see each other’s answers fostering a sense of community. Only one challenge is required for WiFi connection, but different challenges will remain available throughout the ride.

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