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Jackbox Games 

Party poopers come in all shapes & sizes. 

Thankfully, there is a singular solution. De-Pooping is easy with Jackbox. Gather everyone around & play out the poopers until their back to their normal party selves. 

AD: Emily Yu
CW: Cailyn Wesstrom

Pre-Rolls, Festival Sponsorship, & Digital Integration

De-Poop Function

A DE-POOP button will allow party hosts  to automatically de-poop the party by automatically Airdropping the jackbox.tv url to encourage guests to play some Jackbox.

It'll make a poopy noise when directing you to the page.

Jackbox De-Pooping Guide

Detailed and instructive guide on how to know when you’ve got a party pooper in the midst of the fun and tips on how to use Jackbox to bring them back to reality.

The de-poop station will have phone charging stations, refreshments, and a Jackbox gaming competition. Winners will receive pooper merch.

Festival Sponsorships

Jackbox will have de-pooping stations for attendees to recharge so they’re not pooping on the center of the fun. Potential party poopers will be guided to the station by signage on porta potties.

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