the gal, the work, the extra

hi y’all! 

Just a short gal livin’ a tall tale.
I’m 4’11”, statistically 31% less of a person than Shaq. Making up for it with 69% more Beatles trivia.
I like to take life in a serious all-or-nothing way. Ironically, all my best life lessons came from not-so-serious places.

Grandma Flores' chocolate cake taught me how to create great work- constantly improving, & filled with love. Brinca Brincas (That’s bouncy houses for you non-spanish speakers) in the backyard after a regular old Wednesday instilled the drive to make every day great. Hugging everyone goodbye at the family parties taught me that everyone deserves a lil’ love.

If you're gonna live grand you've got to show a lot of passion - to your work, your days and the people in your life.

You still want more? Alright, you asked for it.
Here’s the Long Story Longer