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Norton Anti-Virus 

The world is a happy, friendly place. Birds sing. Children laugh.
And the hackers hack. Yeah...Norton thinks you should start trusting in your trust issues and start looking into getting a VPN. 

AD: Sue Dinh 
CW: Cailyn Wesstrom

Experiential, OOH, Digital, TV Campaign

Experiential Wifi Hack
Norton sponsors a large-scale public event‘s wifi like SXSW. Without the protection of a VPN, Norton can learn as much as they want about these users. And at the end of the day, they’ll send them a friendly reminder about how they loved getting to know them all day. Almost too well. 

Public Wifi & OOH Signage
A national roll-out of public wifi hotspots is released that will serve to continuously remind people how untrustworthy public browsing without a VPN can be.

Wifi connection pop-up will link here, allowing users to learn how much trust issues they really should have while browsing and how to keep themselves safe using Norton. 

Digital Ads
Faux-spirational reminders encourage people to lean into trust issues especially in their digital lives.  

:30 TV Spot

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